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From Italian scacchi (chess); see -ic.



scacchic (not comparable)

  1. (rare) Of or relating to chess
    • 1905, Willard Fiske, Chess in Iceland and Icelandic Literature[1], page 201:
      [] for although Brunet y Bellet has indeed given a valuable description and reproduction of the Introductory portions of the scacchic part of that MS., he does not pretend to treat the positions of even that section, and has little or nothing to say about the pages filled with examples of other games.
    • 2006, Paul Kane, The Hellraiser Films and Their Legacy[2], →ISBN, page 170:
      The second theme to feed in from Bloodline is that of playing games. This is certainly true of the scacchic opening, []
    • 2008, Mark N. Taylor, “Mirror to the Polity”, in Review of Politics, DOI:doi:10.1017/S0034670508000211:
      In response to this barbarity, the philosopher Philometer invents chess, effectively replacing the body metaphor with the scacchic metaphor.