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schlock +‎ ware, from Yiddish, from German Schlacke.


schlockware (uncountable)

  1. (computing) Software that is of shoddy or inferior quality.
    • 1997, Vincent M. Hanchon, “The best GUI that ever was”, in comp.sys.mac.advocacy, Usenet[1]:
      As someone else wrote, "interesting thread you have here." Having worked in a group that has implemented 70,000 seats of M$ schlockware for a single customer, I can testify that having that many seats in your environment, barely draws any attention from the boyz in Redmond.
    • Wall, Larry. "You'll do us all a big favor if you disassociate freeware from schlockware",'Open source gurus convene', C-Net E-Magazine, April 8, 1998.