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sex life (plural sex lives)

  1. That part of a person's life that is directly concerned with sexual activity.
    • 1900 January 27, Swami Vivekananda, My Life And Mission, in The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda, Volume 8: Lectures And Discourses,
      But I cannot live the sex life, although I have married you.
    • 1918, Marie Stopes, Married Love, 8,
      It not infrequently happens that after a love-marriage and some years of what is considered happiness, the man or woman may withdraw from the sex-life, often looking down upon it, and considering that they have reached a higher plane by so doing. But such people seldom ask themselves if, while they lived it, they reached the highest possible level of the sex-life.
    • 1920, D. H. Lawrence, Women in Love, Chapter XXIII: Excurse,
      Do you think I don't know the foulness of your sex life--and her's?--I do.
    • 1922, Henry Stanton, Sex: Avoided Subjects Discussed in Plain English, Chapter X,
      In the human animal, speaking in general, these feelings of sympathy (love) and duty are strongly developed in the family connection; that is, they are developed with special strength in those who are most intimately united in sex life, in husband and wife and in children.