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From sext- (six) +‎ -illion; originally the sixth power of a million, 1036.

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sextillion (plural sextillions)

  1. (US, British, Australia, short scale) A trillion billion: 1 followed by 21 zeros, 1021.
  2. (dated British and Australia, long scale) A million quintillion: 1 followed by 36 zeros, 1036.

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French numbers (edit)
 ←  1030  ←  1033 1036 1039  →  1042  → 
    Cardinal (traditional spelling): un sextillion
    Cardinal (post-1990 spelling): un-sextillion
    Ordinal: sextillionième

Etymology edit

From sext- (six) +‎ -illion.

Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): /sɛk.sti.ljɔ̃/
  • (file)

Numeral edit

sextillion m (plural sextillions)

  1. undecillion (1036)
  2. (dated) sextillion (1021)

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