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Blend of sheep +‎ people.



sheeple pl ‎(plural only)

  1. (derogatory, slang) People who unquestioningly accept as true whatever their political leaders say or who adopt popular opinion as their own without scrutiny.
    • 2005 Sept. 11, Glen Justice and John Files, "Commemoration or Promotion? Walk Highlights Iraq Divide," New York Times (retrieved 21 Aug 2014):
      War protesters . . . did appear along Mr. Rumsfeld's path carrying signs saying "Bush is a Liar" and "Wake Up, Sheeple".
    • 2009 Aug. 27, Aaron Wherry, "The Commons: You bore us, Mr. Ignatieff," Macleans (Canada) (retrieved 21 Aug 2014):
      [F]ormer MP Garth Turner’s new book . . . is entitled Sheeple, a term apparently applied to people who often take on the characteristics—curly white hair covering most of the body, fondness for grazing, tendency to do as told—of sheep.
    • 2010 Aug. 20, Richard Adams, "The American far-right's top 10 paranoid conspiracy theories (photo caption)," Guardian (UK) (retrieved 21 Aug 2014)
      Harmless vapour trails left by planes? That's what they want you to think, sheeple.




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