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shit +‎ can, originally military slang.





shitcan (plural shitcans)

  1. (vulgar) A receptacle for holding excrement, especially the removable can on a latrine.
    Synonyms: shit bowl, shitbucket, shitpot, shitter, can; see also Thesaurus:chamber pot
    • 2004, Richard Vaughn, Soldier Boys, page 19:
      One shitcan won't flush, Coyt-san.
    • 2004, Robert Adamson, Inside Out: An Autobiography, page 152:
      One had done time at Mount Penang and the other had been at Yasma Boys' Shelter, so our backgrounds bound us together, which was just as well: the cell was very small, with three beds, a three-gallon shitcan and no plumbing in a space about the size of the bathroom in an average Sydney terrace.
    • 2009, Jaroslav Hašek, The Fateful Adventures of the Good Soldier Švejk During the World War:
      I answered that the rotation of the Earth couldn't be interrupted by the appearance of such a one-year volunteer like me on it, that the laws of nature were stronger than the stripes of one-year volunteers and that I would wish to know who could make me spitshine some shitcan that I didn't crap up, although I'd even have a right to do that after dealing with the swine kitchen at the regiment, after that rotten cabbage and soaked mutton meat.
  2. (vulgar) A garbage can or wastepaper basket.
    Synonyms: see Thesaurus:waste bin
    • 1986, The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction - Volume 70, page 150:
      Everything down the shitcan.
    • 1989, C. T. Westcott, Broadsides and brass:
      Five points if you put the shoe in the shitcan; two if you hit it and dent it."
    • 2002, Steven Pressfield, Shawn Coyne, The War of Art:
      For two hours I made myself sit there, torturing out some trash that I chucked immediately into the shitcan.
  3. (vulgar) A shoddy vehicle.
    Synonyms: shitbox, shitbucket, piece of shit; see also Thesaurus:old car
    • 2006, Mark Falkin, Days of Grace, page 133:
      Very good young man. Look for my car. The shitcan.
    • 2008, Tony Gonzales, Eve: The Empyrean Age:
      It's a Lynx-class frigate. A real shitcan.
    • 2008, Vanessa Place, La Medusa, page 380:
      Yonda goes my lawyer, now I gots nothin for my own cognizance scept sweet baby Jesus an a shitcan Toy-ta.



shitcan (third-person singular simple present shitcans, present participle shitcanning, simple past and past participle shitcanned)

  1. (vulgar slang, transitive) Alternative form of shit-can
    • 1983, Thomas G. Foxworth, Michael Laurence, Passengers, page 198:
      They had to shitcan him.
    • 1992, Carsten Stroud, Lizardskin, page 244:
      But I guess we can shitcan the robbery angle, right?
    • 2007, Duff Brenna, The Law of Falling Bodies, page 225:
      Shitcan that shit. I don't want it in the house.
    • 2008, Baka Imre, The Sound of Guns, page 50:
      I will have to come up with a foolproof scheme to shitcan the violin.
    • 2012, Gregg Shotwell, Autoworkers Under the Gun:
      Shitcan the rhetoric and study the action.


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