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singing soprano

  1. present participle of sing soprano
  2. (idiomatic, euphemistic, of a man) Castrated or injured in the testicles.
    • 2006 March 6, Pat Forde, "Will three teams dance after hard-nosed semis?," ESPN (retrieved 26 Aug. 2008):
      Loren Stokes, the fluid scorer from Hofstra, limped out singing soprano after a flagrant cheap-shot punch to the groin by George Mason guard Tony Skinn.
    • 2007 July 18, David Greisman, "Fighting Words—When Losers Win and Winners Lose," (retrieved 26 Aug. 2008):
      Judah threw brilliant counters that temporarily stunned the undefeated welterweight titlist, endured two flagrant but apparently unintentional low punches that would've left many permanently singing soprano.