Adding to the traditional five senses of touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing.


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sixth sense (plural sixth senses)

  1. Extrasensory perception; the ability to sense things by means other than the known bodily senses.
    • 1914, Edgar Rice Burroughs, At the Earth's Core, Chapter V:
      Among themselves they communicate by means of what Perry says must be a sixth sense which is cognizant of a fourth dimension.
    • 1919, Joseph Conrad, The Arrow of Gold, Part Five, Chapter III:
      Luckily, on evidence which I could never understand, Dominic detected something suspicious. Perhaps it was by virtue of some sixth sense that men born for unlawful occupations may be gifted with.
    • 1934 August, Robert E. Howard, The Devil in Iron, Chapter IV, published in Weird Tales:
      What Ghaznavi had considered animal intuition or some sixth sense was merely the razor-edged faculties and savage wit of the barbarian.


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