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From skeeve (to disgust, to loathe), from Italian schifo (disgust, nausea).



skeevy (comparative skeevier, superlative skeeviest)

  1. (slang) Disgusting or distasteful. [from 1970s]
    • 2013, Jessica Hagedorn, Manila Noir, Akashic Books (→ISBN), page 183
      He was huddled in the doorway of this skeevy noodle joint in Binondo, the kind of skeevy joint in a skeevy alley where you wouldn't expect to see a guy like Paco. Or maybe you would.
    • 2017, Jessica Brody, The Chaos of Standing Still, Simon and Schuster (→ISBN), page 232
      The idea of hanging out with a skeevy poker player and all of his skeevy friends was not my idea of a good time. But I didn't want Lottie to go alone, either. I assumed the guy was dangerous.

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