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Borrowed from Japanese スキンシップ (sukinshippu), equivalent to English skin +‎ -ship, designed to rhyme with kinship.


skinship (uncountable)

  1. bonding through physical contact
    • 1994, Nicole Landry Sault, Many Mirrors: Body Image and Social Relations[1], Rutgers University Press, →ISBN, page 311:
      In Mexico, interdependence among people in emphasized and expressed through cosleeping and "skinship." … A similar type of "skinship" also exists throughout Mexico—all one had to do is look at the way people walk or sit together. … women are always patting touching ...
    • 2015, LT Wolf, The World King (fiction), →ISBN:
      However, there were times that folks needed that skinship to feel hearten'd and Dan often felt when others had that need.


Usage notesEdit

This word is mainly in use in Japan and South Korea and is rarely or never used by native English speakers.