social engineer



social + engineer.


social engineer ‎(plural social engineers)

  1. One who engages in social engineering.
    • 1911, Earp, Edwin Lee, The Social Engineer, Eaton & Mains, page 295:
      We need another type of social engineer for the country problem, who will be able to direct the social forces of a whole county and relate them to the best interests of State and county.
    • 2010, Hadnagy, Christopher, Social Engineering: The Art of Human Hacking, John Wiley, page (unpaginated):
      [Pretexting] is one of the critical points for many social engineers. Pretexting involves developing the role the social engineer will play for the attack on the company. Will the social engineer be a customer, vendor, tech support, new hire, or something equally realistic and believable?
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