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Alternative formsEdit


soft +‎ minded


soft-minded (comparative more soft-minded, superlative most soft-minded)

  1. Lacking courage and conviction; easily swayed, persuaded, or intimidated.
    • 1963, Joe D. Batten, Tough-minded management, →ISBN, page 37:
      The soft-minded manager often defers direct action in the hope that the situation will remedy itself.
  2. Lacking intellectual rigor; Given to sentimentality.
    • 2010, Ivan Hugh Walters, Education and Cultural Politics: Interrogating Idiotic Education, →ISBN, page 285:
      The liberated educator does not accept soft-minded religiosity because it embraces all kinds of superstitions.
    • 2013, Emory Elliott, ‎Martha Banta, & ‎Houston A. Baker, The Columbia Literary History of the United States, →ISBN, page 284:
      Such unabashed sentiment and soft-minded engagement with the problems and powers of literary art are common enough in every age.