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From Renaissance Late Latin sorōritātem, from Latin soror (sister), from Proto-Indo-European *swésōr. Akin to Portuguese sororidade, French sororité, English sorority.

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  • IPA(key): /soɾoɾiˈdad/ [so.ɾo.ɾiˈð̞að̞]
  • Rhymes: -ad
  • Syllabification: so‧ro‧ri‧dad

Noun edit

sororidad f (plural sororidades)

  1. (feminism) sisterhood (the idea of universal experience amongst women, regardless of other traits or factors)
  2. (US) sorority
    1. a female fraternity; a sisterhood (a fraternal group composed exclusively of females)
    2. a social organization of female students at a college or university; usually identified by Greek letters

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