square up

See also: square-up



square up (third-person singular simple present squares up, present participle squaring up, simple past and past participle squared up)

  1. to get ready for a fight
  2. to adopt a fighting stance
    • 2017 March 14, Stuart James, “Leicester stun Sevilla to reach last eight after Kasper Schmeichel save”, in the Guardian[1]:
      Samir Nasri was shown a second yellow card moments earlier after squaring up to Jamie Vardy, with the two players going forehead to forehead after exchanging insults.
  3. to face (someone) in a contest
  4. to face (someone) for arrangement of the relation
    • 2003, “What's a Pimp?”, in Married to the Game, performed by Too $hort:
      I spent so many days with you, so many nights
      It's nice, I wanted you to be my only wife
      We didn't make it, I couldn't take it
      I tried to square up, it's too hard I couldn't fake it
  5. to pay back money that is owed
    Let me know how much my share in the activity is and I'll square up with you tomorrow.