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squeeze +‎ -able


squeezable (comparative more squeezable, superlative most squeezable)

  1. Able to be squeezed.
    • 2013, Earl B. Russell, Cold Turkey at Nine: The Memoir of a Problem Child
      A decade later, both Heinz and Hunt's introduced a new inverted, squeezable ketchup bottle that rested on its flip-bottom cap.

Derived termsEdit


squeezable (plural squeezables)

  1. A product or package designed to dispense its contents when squeezed.
    • 1988, Prepared Foods (volume 157, issues 11-13, page 9)
      The litany of packaging innovations introduced to or popularized in the U.S. food market over the last generation seems endless: flexible aseptic packaging, barrier plastics, squeezables, lightweight glass, the retort pouch, []
    • 2013, Hilary Du Cane, ‎Sue Baic, ‎Nigel Denby, Living Gluten-Free For Dummies
      Your other options are to hide the tubs and jars and buy squeezables for the guests' visit, or to buy separate containers and clearly mark which ones are gluten-free.