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stair +‎ gate


stairgate (plural stairgates)

  1. A gate fitted across a domestic staircase to prevent young children from climbing the stairs, or falling down them.
    • 1979, Brian Jackson, Sonia Jackson, Childminder: A Study in Action Research
      Perhaps she has to buy a new stairgate, fireguard, or fit in a lamp. This may be a big dip in her purse, but in this financial comparison it is trivial.
    • 1991, Department of Health, The Children Act: Guidance and Regulations
      There should be a stairgate and the door to the garden should be secured so that children cannot get out unsupervised []
    • 2004, Richard Hallows, Full Time Father (page 46)
      At this point you realise that you're also on edge because the kids don't know this house, and the eldest might be sleepwalking and there are no stairgates []

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