stem +‎ -ware


stemware ‎(usually uncountable, plural stemwares)

  1. (uncountable) Drinking glasses that have a stem, such as wine or champagne glasses.
    • 1883 January 1, Reports from the Consuls of the United States on the Commerce, Manufactures, etc., of their Consular Districts[1], Department of State, footnote:
      [] and many varieties of stoneware.* [*Footnote: Stemware].
    • 1990, Douglas V. Armstrong, The Old Village and the Great House: An Archaeological and Historical Examination of Drax Hall Plantation, St. Ann's Bay, Jamaica[2]:
      The stemwares could have been broken while being transported to or from the house or they could be casualties of entertaining.
    • 2013, Lisa Patton, Southern as a Second Language: A Novel[3]:
      Glancing around at the tables, I noticed they were still perfectly set the way Pierre left them: linen birds of paradise atop each plate, salt and pepper shakers, stemware and flatware, all arranged with precision.
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