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From strangle +‎ hold.

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stranglehold (plural strangleholds)

  1. A grip or control so strong as to stifle or cut off.
    For years the company had a stranglehold on the rest of the industry.
    • 2011 July 3, Piers Newbury, “Wimbledon 2011: Novak Djokovic beats Rafael Nadal in final”, in BBC Sport[1]:
      That record felt like ancient history as the Djokovic of 2011 overcame a slightly edgy start to take a stranglehold on the match.

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Verb Edit

stranglehold (third-person singular simple present strangleholds, present participle strangleholding, simple past and past participle strangleheld)

  1. to hold a tight grip or control
    • 2014, David Richo, When Love Meets Fear: How to Become Defense-less and Resource-full[2]:
      "She does not hold a partner; she strangleholds him. As soon as a man realizes how tightly she holds on, he leaves her."

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