From strong +‎ -ling. Compare weakling.


strongling (plural stronglings)

  1. One who is strong.
    • 1905, Sir Humphry Davy, John Davy, The collected works of Sir Humphry Davy:
      The mother was wise: better one strongling than two weaklings.
    • 1996, Albert Ellis, Better, Deeper, and More Enduring Brief Therapy:
      But now you're saying-and I'm sure you're right about that-I'm not a 'strongling' for acting strongly any more than I was a weakling for acting weakly.
    • 2008, Richard F. Burton, Arabian Nights:
      I humbly hope of the Almighty that I may satisfy all which is in thy heart, O my lord; for that Allah is with the weakling the more to astounding the strongling[sic].