a red stuga

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From Old Swedish stuva, stova, stugha, from Old Norse stofa. Of uncertain origin, but in one way or another related to Italian stufa and French étuve. Possibly from Vulgar Latin *extufāre, from ex- + Ancient Greek τῦφος (tûphos, smoke, steam), from τύφω (túphō, to smoke). Alternatively of Germanic origin related to German stieben. Cognate with e.g. English stove, German Stube, Norwegian Nynorsk stove and Icelandic stofa. Also related to Finnish tupa.

The change from v > g is due to a dialectal development from -β- > -w- > -ɣ- (g), compare ruva.



stuga c

  1. a small house, a cottage
  2. (especially in compounds) a room or hall serving a specific purpose


Declension of stuga 
Singular Plural
Indefinite Definite Indefinite Definite
Nominative stuga stugan stugor stugorna
Genitive stugas stugans stugors stugornas

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