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styll (not comparable)

  1. Obsolete spelling of still
    • 1500, Anonymous, The Assemble of Goddes[1]:
      ¶ So streyt that to scape col{us} had noo space ¶ This seyng Colus be styll wythin abode.
    • 1592, R.D., Hypnerotomachia[2]:
      These beeing come ouer with an obscure and foggy close ayre, with many losses and a grieuous voyage, they beginne to remember what they haue past and lost: for the more that the compasse of the reuolucion, draweth neere to the discouerie of the Figure of the Center, the sooner they are passed ouer, styll shorter and shorter, and the more swyfter the course of the streame is into the deuouring swallow of the Center.
    • 1806, Walter Scott, Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border, Vol. II (of 3)[3]:
      The lady sate styll in the blacke chayre, in her prayers to God, and to the vyrgyne Mary, humbly prayenge them, by theyr specyall grace, to send her husbande the victory, accordynge to the ryght.