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From Latin susurratio.



susurration (countable and uncountable, plural susurrations)

  1. A low, indistinct continuous whispering sound; a murmur.
    • Beyond the Wall by Ambrose Bierce
      The rain was now falling more steadily, with a low, monotonous susurration, interrupted at long intervals by the sudden slashing of the boughs of the trees as the wind rose and failed.
    • 1965 Dune by Frank Herbert
      Halleck nodded, heard the faint susurration and felt the air shift as a lockport swung open beside him.
    • 2004 Oct 17, Laura Cumming, in The Observer. From a whisper to a scream
      Coming in feels almost like going out - an audible breeze threatening to swell into a blizzard, waves breaking and withdrawing, the open air tuned to so many sounds that your own are absorbed in the rise and fall of murmurs, shouts, susurrations, plosives, stutters and echoes - and above them all, like Prospero, the voice of the artist humming to himself as if thinking (or not thinking) aloud.