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tabhair ar (present analytic tugann ar, future analytic tabharfaidh ar, verbal noun tabhairt ar, past participle tugtha ar)

  1. to call (with the name as the direct object of tabhair and the person called as the object of ar)
    Tabharfaidh Máire Brian ar a mac.
    Máire will call her son Brian.
    Thug sé amadán orm.
    He called me a fool.
    Tugtar teach spéire ar foirgneamh an-ard.
    A very tall building is called a skyscraper.
  2. to make, cause, compel (with the person compelled as the object of ar and the action caused as a verbal noun complement)
    Thugar a deartháir an obair uile a dhéanamh.
    She made her brother do all the work.
    Tabhair orthu suí síos.
    Have them sit down.