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tele- +‎ check


telecheck (plural telechecks)

  1. A check (financial instrument) that is not written out and signed by the drawer, but verbally authorized over the telephone and then printed and stamped by the payee.
    • 2003, Daniel V. Davidson, Brenda E. Knowles, Lynn M. Forsythe, Business law: principles and cases in the legal environment (page 498)
      The court had to decide if a "telecheck" had been "signed" by the purported "drawer," and in doing so the court had to determine whether a "telecheck" is a negotiable instrument []
    • 2008, Carolyn L. Carter, Jonathan A. Sheldon, Unfair and deceptive acts and practices (page 357)
      Although very different laws apply, telechecks and electronic transfers may appear virtually the same to a consumer reading a bank statement.