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tele- +‎ personals, probably from a 1990s trademark.


telepersonals pl (plural only)

  1. Personals (advertisements by which individuals attempt to meet) placed over a distance, as by telephone or Internet.
    • 2000, Chris Kraus, Aliens and anorexia
      Because I spent a lot of time alone back in LA, calling the Telepersonals had turned into a habit.
    • 2002, Ellen Pollock, The Pretender
      Mona, whom Marty had met through the telepersonals before rejecting her as a sex mate, told him that she'd get right on it. In fact, she ignored him.
    • 2005, Erika Bukkfalvi Hilliard, Paul Foxman, Living Fully with Shyness and Social Anxiety
      You've probably heard of or seen personal ads in the newspaper, advertisements for telepersonals on the telephone, video dating services...
    • 2005, Mark Linden O'Meara, The Feeling Soul: A Roadmap to Healing and Living
      She wasn't romantically interested in me, so a few weeks later at the suggestion of a friend, I picked up the phone and tried the telepersonals.