terminal +‎ -ly


terminally (comparative more terminally, superlative most terminally)

  1. In a terminal manner.
  2. Leading to death; lasting until death.
    terminally ill
  3. (military, of missile guidance) To the target.
    terminally guided
  4. (location) At the end.
    • 1919, Robert Ridgway, Herbert Friedmann, The Birds of North and Middle America, Part 8, Issue 1919, page 276,
      [] some of the feathers (especially posterior scapulars) with the broad edgings more rufescent and passing into whitish terminally ;
    • 2005, Terence Cosgrove, Colloid Science: Principles, methods and applications[1], page 119:
      In its simplest form this approach uses a lattice with a single chain terminally attached to the interface.