By trademark erosion from Texta, a registered trademark of Australian stationery company Jasco Pty Ltd. Presumably from text.


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texta (plural textas)

  1. (Australia) A felt-tip pen, often coloured and usually wide-tipped for use by children.
    • 2003, Mark Fox, Discovering Australian Animals, page 34,
      Here is what a wombat burrow may look like. Using coloured pencils or textas, colour in the wombat burrows.
    • 2008, Ghristopher Cyrill, The Ganges and Its Tributaries, Alice Pung (editor), Growing Up Asian in Australia, page 40,
      He pencilled a map of India onto a piece of chipboard, and then went over the outline with a texta. He went over the texta outline with a razorblade and then, with a knife, he cut away the excess chipboard.
    • 2009, Colin McLaren, Infiltration: The True Story of the Man Who Cracked the Mafia, Melbourne University Press, page 53,
      Minute weighing scales sat on top of desks, glass syringe kits lay idle, mug shots were pinned here and there, some with a dart in the forehead, or ′caught′ written in texta.

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  1. nominative feminine singular of textus
  2. nominative neuter plural of textus
  3. accusative neuter plural of textus
  4. vocative feminine singular of textus
  5. nominative neuter plural of textus



  1. ablative feminine singular of textus