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  1. (Appalachia, colloquial) variant of those.
    • 1982, Terry C. Johnston, Carry the Wind, page 446:
      "Catches in my craw, it does — thems as’ll let others do theys work for ’em, then come in to take what the gettin’s got."
    • 2004, Louis Daniel Bordsky, Nuts to you!, page 25:
      After all, there's just some things in life a guy can't hope to change, even with the powder o' positive thinkin' that comes from livin' long enough and knowin' that thems what's got it ain't about to give none of it to thems what's not, [...]
    • 2008, Pat Mattaini Mestern, Granite, page 87:
      “There’s thems that can and thems that can’t; thems that talk and thems that rant.”
    • 2009, Robert B. Marchand, Caylen's Quest, page 25:
      Thems are not called boats, thems are canoes.”

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