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throw signs




throw signs (third-person singular simple present throws signs, present participle throwing signs, simple past threw signs, past participle thrown signs)

  1. To make a gesture of group affiliation (especially with a gang) from a distance.
    • 1996, Scott H. Decker, Barrik Van Winkle, Life in the Gang: Family, Friends, and Violence, page 122
      " [] Cause I be going around wearing red and throwing signs up."
    • 2000, Thomas Capozzoli, R. Steve McVey, Kids Killing Kids: Managing Violence and Gangs in Schools, page 77
      Members of the Folk Nation throw their signs from the right and members of the People Nation will throw signs from the left.
    • 2005, F. X. Toole, Million Dollar Baby: Stories from the Corner, page 170:
      [ [] ] of a thirty-year-old pro, a light-skinned brother named Malik “Chilly” Tubbs, who carried gang tattoos and would sometimes throw signs to passing cars.
    • 2006, G. Larry Mays, Juvenile Justice, page 308:
      Wearing certain types of jewelry and throwing signs can lead to tragic misidentification as a gang member.