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  1. (archaic) Drunk; intoxicated; tipsy.
    • 1895, David Macbeth Moir, The Life of Mansie Wauch: Tailor in Dalkeith - Page 109
      On the head of this we had another jug, three being cannie, after which we were both a wee tozy-mozy...
    • 1968, Cornelius Weygandt, A Century of the English Novel:
      Though a pattern of respectability, he can grow genial in his cups, or as he would say “a wee tozy-mozy."
    • 2008, Catherine Ponton Slater, Marget Pow, →ISBN, page 18:
      ...speakin about shoogly, would you believe that I've never seen more than one drunk man in Rome? and he was not exackly what you would call drunk, but just a wee thing tozy-mozy like, as Mansie would say.