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Diminutive of trachea.


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tracheole (plural tracheoles)

  1. One of the fine branching tubes of the trachea of an insect, which penetrates the tissues to provide oxygen.
    • 1886, Frank Richard Cheshire, Bees & Bee-keeping, page 42:
      Indeed, in the muscles of the wings every fibre has its own particular tracheole (small trachea).
    • 1920, John Henry Comstock, An Introduction to Entomology, page 118:
      A subsequent molting of the intima of the trachea opens a connection between the lumen of the tracheole and the trachea. At the same time or a little later the tracheole breaks forth from its mother cell, uncoils, and extends far beyond the cell in which it was developed.
    • 2002, Wilfried Wichard, Biological Atlas of Aquatic Insects, page 86:
      Oxygen is absorbed all over the body surface through branched tracheoles which are located directly under the body surface.

Derived termsEdit




tracheole f

  1. plural of tracheola