From Latin tredecim ‎(thirteen) +‎ -illion.


Cardinal numeralEdit


  1. (rare, US, modern British & Australian, short scale) 1042.
    • 1896: Frank H. Hall, The Werner Arithmetic, Oral and Written, Book Two, Parts I and II
      The names of the periods above trillion are as follows [...] 15th, tredecillion [...]
    • 1946 CE: United States Department of Commerce, The United States Department of Commerce: How it serves you on land and sea and in the air, U. S. Government Printing Office (1946)
      3 quindecillion, 657 quattuordecillion, 262 tredecillion; which is to say the figures 3,657,262 followed by 42 ciphers. Operators of the key punch machines transfer a code symbol from the Census [...].
    • 1994 CE: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, The Arithmetic Teacher, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (1994)
      The answer is read as: 13 sexdecillion, 253 quindecillion, 796 quattuordecillion, 742 tredecillion, [...].
  2. (rare, dated, Britain, Australia, long scale) 1078.



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  • Words of Mathematics: An Etymological Dictionary of Mathematical Terms Used in English (1994).
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