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Etymology 1Edit

From 'tween +‎ -y.


tweeny (plural tweenies)

  1. (tennis) A shot played between the legs; a tweener.
  2. (now historical) A between-maid, or maidservant who helps the cook as well as the housemaid.
    • 1926, Ford Madox Ford, A Man Could Stand Up—, Penguin 2012 (Parade's End), p. 540:
      ‘You subscribed,’ Valentine said, ‘to purchase his library and presented it to his wife…who had nothing to eat but what my wages as a tweeny maid got for her.’
    • 2006, Thomas Pynchon, Against the Day, Vintage 2007, p. 259:
      Madame Eskimoff's tweeny had brought out tea and a gâteau, as well as a twelve-year-old Speyside malt and glasses.

Etymology 2Edit

From tween +‎ -y.


tweeny (comparative more tweeny, superlative most tweeny)

  1. Characteristic of a typical tween (a child not quite old enough to be a teenager).