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Alternative formsEdit


From tweet +‎ -worthy.


tweetworthy (comparative more tweetworthy, superlative most tweetworthy)

  1. (Internet) Worthy of being posted on the microblogging service Twitter.
    • 2017 April 12, Mike Caulfield, “How ‘News Literacy’ Gets Web Misinformation Wrong”, in Observer[1]:
      Do we trust this WSJ article 100%? No, of course not. But we trust it enough. It’s tweetworthy. And after we’ve confirmed that fact we can go back down to the Daily Kos page and see if that article by Hunter has any useful additional analysis.
    • 2020 January 3, Jared Bilski, “What a hermit crab named Nigel taught me about death and parenting”, in The Washington Post[2]:
      In between the adorable, tweet-worthy soundbites, Emma asks me earnest questions. What happens after you die? Why do people have to die? Are Grampa Gary and Grampa Don in heaven?
    Synonyms: tweetable, Twitterable