1. to be faced with, to be met with
    Qozog‘iston avtobozori yangi avtoulovlar tanqisligiga uchradi.
    Kazakhstan's car market is facing a shortage of new cars.
  2. to be come across
  3. to be encountered
  4. to encounter
  5. to be found


Conjugation of uchramoq (see also Appendix:Uzbek verbs)
tense participle
positive negative positive negative
singular plural1 singular plural1
nominal non-finites
infinitive uchramoq uchramamoq
gerund simpl uchray uchramay, uchramasdan
past uchrab
comp uchrash
present simpl 1st uchrayman uchraymiz uchramayman uchramaymiz uchrayotgan uchramayotgan
2nd uchraysan uchraysiz uchramaysan uchramaysiz
3rd uchraydi uchraydilar uchramaydi uchramaydilar
cont A 1st uchrayapman uchrayapmiz uchramayapman uchramayapmiz
2nd uchrayapsan uchrayapsiz uchramayapsan uchramayapsiz
3rd uchrayapdi uchrayapdilar uchramayapdi uchramayapdilar
cont B2 1st uchrayotirman uchrayotirmiz uchramayotirman uchramayotirmiz
2nd uchrayotirsan uchrayotirsiz uchramayotirsan uchramayotirsiz
3rd uchrayotir uchrayotirlar uchramayotir uchramayotirlar
cont C 1st uchramoqdaman uchramoqdamiz uchramamoqdaman uchramamoqdamiz
2nd uchramoqdasan uchramoqdasiz uchramamoqdasan uchramamoqdasiz
3rd uchramoqda uchramoqdalar uchramamoqda uchramamoqdalar
perf 1st uchraganman uchraganmiz uchramaganman uchramaganmiz uchraydigan uchramaydigan
2nd uchragansan uchragansiz uchramagansan uchramagansiz
3rd uchragan uchraganlar uchramagan uchramaganlar
past def 1st uchradim uchradik uchramadim uchramadik uchragan uchramagan
2nd uchrading uchradingiz uchramading uchramadingiz
3rd uchradi uchradilar uchramadi uchramadilar
indef 1st uchrabman uchrabmiz uchramabman uchramabmiz
2nd uchrabsan uchrabsiz uchramabsan uchramabsiz
3rd uchrabdi uchrabdilar uchramabdi uchramabdilar
future indef 1st uchrarman uchrarmiz uchramasman uchramasmiz uchrar uchramas
2nd uchrarsan uchrarsiz uchramassan uchramassiz
3rd uchrar uchrarlar uchramas uchramaslar
def3 1st uchrayajakman uchrayajakmiz uchramayajakman uchramayajakmiz
2nd uchrayajaksan uchrayajaksiz uchramayajaksan uchramayajaksiz
3rd uchrayajak uchrayajaklar uchramayajak uchramayajaklar
oblig 1st uchraydiganman uchraydiganmiz uchramaydiganman uchramaydiganmiz
2nd uchraydigansan uchraydigansiz uchramaydigansan uchramaydigansiz
3rd uchraydigan uchraydiganlar uchramaydigan uchramaydiganlar
  1st uchrasam uchrasak uchramasam uchramasak
2nd uchrasang uchrasangiz uchramasang uchramasangiz
3rd uchrasa uchrasalar uchramasa uchramasalar
1st uchramoqchiman uchramoqchimiz uchramoqchi + emas + person suffix
2nd uchramoqchisan uchramoqchisiz
3rd uchramoqchi uchramoqchilar
  1st uchray! uchraylik! uchramay! uchramaylik!
2nd uchra! (formal -ing) uchrangiz! uchrama! uchramangiz!
3rd uchrasin! uchrasinlar! uchramasin! uchramasinlar!
Compound tenses:

1Third person plural forms are commonly replaced by the third person singular.
2Almost never used in colloquial speech.
3Rarely used.