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  1. simple past and past participle of unground

Etymology 2 Edit

From Middle English ungroundid, ungronded, ungrundid, ungrounded; equivalent to un- +‎ grounded.

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ungrounded (comparative more ungrounded, superlative most ungrounded)

  1. Not grounded; without ground or basis, unreal, false.
    Synonyms: see Thesaurus:baseless
    The defendant's claims are fictitious; they are entirely ungrounded in fact.
  2. (electricity, electronics) Not connected to ground potential
    Unlike coaxial cable where the outer conductor is grounded, twisted pair is usually ungrounded.
    • 2008, BioWare, Mass Effect, Redwood City: Electronic Arts, →ISBN, →OCLC, PC, scene: FTL Drive: Drive Charge Codex entry:
      If the charge is allowed to build, the core will discharge into the hull of a ship. All ungrounded crew members are fried to a crisp, all electronic system are burned out, and metal bulkheads may be melted and fused together.
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