un- +‎ hatted


unhatted (not comparable)

  1. Not wearing a hat; hatless.
    • 1902, Charles Eugene Banks, ‎George Cram Cook, ‎Marshall Everett, Beautiful Homes and Social Customs of America (page 240)
      Gentlemen must enter the gallery unhatted, and remain so until they depart.
  2. (typography) Written without a circumflex ('^').
    • 2001, Eike Best, Raymond Devillers, Maciej Koutny, Petri net algebra (page 339)
      However, the translation of Razor programs is such that matching hatted and unhatted action particles can only be found on different sides of a parallel composition operator []

Usage notesEdit

The use of unhatted to refer to a character that lacks a circumflex is most commonly used in mathematical texts that have related variables with and without the circumflex. Thus, given the variables a and â, these would be referred to as unhatted and hatted instances of the variable a.