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un- +‎ wanted



unwanted (comparative more unwanted, superlative most unwanted)

  1. Not wanted; unwelcome.

Usage notesEdit

  • Nouns to which "unwanted" is often applied: effect, consequence, pregnancy, child, baby, person, guest, visitor, gift, thought, element, sound, sex, feature.



unwanted (plural unwanteds)

  1. One who or that which is not wanted; an undesirable.
    • 1963, The Nyasaland Journal (volumes 16-17, page 12)
      What slaves they had bought to carry the goods of the interior back to the coast were the unwanteds of the villages — the persons convicted of crime who would normally have been killed or banished from their communities []
    • 1970, Triumph (volumes 5-6, page 7)
      There were no thoughts of hydrogen bombs or CBW or contraceptives or removing unwanteds. It was the old America, the old order restored, and the President saw that it was Good.