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Borrowed from Latin vehere present active infinitive of vehō. In length from English vehicle, French véhicule, Italian veicolo, Spanish vehículo.



vehar (present tense vehas, past tense vehis, future tense vehos, imperative vehez, conditional vehus)

  1. (intransitive) to go / travel in a vehicle (ride, sail, drive or fly)
    • 1913, Mondolinguo, page 105.
      E pos du yari per triesma fervoyo on povos vehar de Dessau trans Rosslau, Beizig e Potsdam a Berlin, per rapida treno en un horo e duona.
      And after two years one can travel by the third railway from Dessau via Rosslau, Beizig and Potsdam to Berlin, by an express train in an hour and a half.
    Me prizas vehar apud la rivo.
    I like to drive by the seaside


Derived termsEdit

  • veho (drive, ride)
  • vehilo (vehicle, conveyance)