A descriptive word, inspired by vekkuli and formed with the -in suffix used to form names of tools, devices or other instruments. The word is seemingly first attested in a newspaper in 1928.


  • IPA(key): /ˈʋekotin/, [ˈʋe̞ko̞t̪in]
  • Rhymes: -ekotin
  • Syllabification: ve‧ko‧tin



  1. (colloquial) An unspecified piece of apparatus, or one for which one does not know a real name; a gimmick, thingamajig, contraption, contrivance, device, fandango, gadget, widget.
    • 1928 June 23, Äijä, “Pakinaa. Lentämisestä ja juhannuksesta y. m.”, in Etelä-Hämeen Sanomat[1], number 70, page 3:
      Lentäminen on toistaiseksi muodissa, koska ei ole keksitty uuttakaan vekotinta jolla voisi urheilla.
      Flying is in vogue for now, since after all, a new contraption with which one could exercise has not been invented.


Inflection of vekotin (Kotus type 33/kytkin, tt-t gradation)
nominative vekotin vekottimet
genitive vekottimen vekottimien
partitive vekotinta vekottimia
illative vekottimeen vekottimiin
singular plural
nominative vekotin vekottimet
accusative nom. vekotin vekottimet
gen. vekottimen
genitive vekottimen vekottimien
partitive vekotinta vekottimia
inessive vekottimessa vekottimissa
elative vekottimesta vekottimista
illative vekottimeen vekottimiin
adessive vekottimella vekottimilla
ablative vekottimelta vekottimilta
allative vekottimelle vekottimille
essive vekottimena vekottimina
translative vekottimeksi vekottimiksi
instructive vekottimin
abessive vekottimetta vekottimitta
comitative vekottimineen
Possessive forms of vekotin (type kytkin)
possessor singular plural
1st person vekottimeni vekottimemme
2nd person vekottimesi vekottimenne
3rd person vekottimensa