From Old French viel, from Latin vetulus (diminutive of vetus); alternative form due to historical enchaînement of the final l. Alternatively, from the accusative form vetulum while vieux is properly from nominative vetulus as per Mildred K. Pope (From Latin to Modern French, sections 509, 808).


  • IPA(key): /vjɛj‿/
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vieil m sg

  1. form of vieux used before a masculine singular noun that starts with a vowel or mute h
    Nous ferions bien d'aller aider ce vieil homme.

Usage notesEdit

  • Used before masculine singular nouns that start with a vowel like ours but also before nouns that start with a mute h like hôpital: un vieil hôpital (/œ̃ vjɛ.j‿ɔ.pi.tal/)

Further readingEdit

Middle FrenchEdit


vieil m (feminine singular vieille, masculine plural vieils, feminine plural vieilles)

  1. Alternative form of vieulx