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  • IPA(key): /ˈʋie̯relːæ/, [ˈʋie̞̯re̞lːæ]
  • Rhymes: -ierelːæ
  • Syllabification(key): vie‧rel‧lä

Noun Edit


  1. adessive singular of vieri

Postposition Edit

vierellä (+ genitive and/or possessive suffix)

  1. by, beside (such as when moving together towards a common goal or when there is emotional attachment)
    Near-synonym: vieressä

Usage notes Edit

The adverbs formed from vieri using the internal locative cases (viereen, vieressä, vierestä) and those using the external locative cases (vierelle, vierellä, viereltä) are roughly synonymous, but have some differences in nuance. According to Huumo & Peiponen (2013), vierellä (external) is more 'dynamic' and more often expresses motion towards a common goal. The motion need not be literal or actual; it can be potential or figurative.[1] Another common use of vierellä over vieressä is when discussing emotional attachment: an expression like "stay by my side" would be translated as pysy vierelläni, while pysy vieressäni would have a more literal meaning, like "stay next to me".

The internal locative forms are considerably more common than the external locative ones.

Inflection Edit

Personal/possessive forms of vierellä
no possessor vierellä
possessor singular plural
1st person vierelläni vierellämme
2nd person vierelläsi vierellänne
3rd person vierellään
→○ allative vierelle
adessive vierellä
○→ ablative viereltä

References Edit

  1. ^ Huumo, Tuomas and Peiponen, Piia. Adpositiot, liike ja dynamiikka: mikä erottaa muotoja vieressä ja vierellä?. Folia Uralica Debreceniencia 20. (2013)

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