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From French vin (wine) + chaud (hot).


vin chaud (countable and uncountable, plural vins chauds)

  1. Mulled wine.
    • 2007, Nicola Boden, "On the slippery slope to excitement", Yorkshire Post, 5 December 2007:
      Our destination was a hidden chalet nestled in snowdrifts where an enormous bowl of spicy vin chaud awaited us.
    • 2007, Gemma Bowes, "Love in a cold climate", The Guardian, 23 December 2007:
      There's just time for a quick vin chaud in Mountain Restaurant Eggli, where we sit on wooden benches wrapped in fleece blankets, following the sun's arc into the horizon behind the toothy mountains.
    • 2008, Goro Shimura, The Map of My Life, Springer (2008), →ISBN, page 109:
      The two French gentlemen ordered beer, but I had a vin chaud (warmed red wine), as it was a chilly day.