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vlog +‎ -o- +‎ -sphere, after the pattern of blogosphere.

Noun edit

vlogosphere (plural vlogospheres)

  1. (Internet) The realm or culture of vlogs; all vlogs taken as a whole.
    • 2006, The Independent Film & Video Monthly, volume 29, page 32:
      A bit older than most of vlogging's main practitioners — who tend to be in their mid- to late-20s — the self-proclaimed baby boomer cites Hodson as one of two artists whose work attracted her to the vlogosphere.
    • 2006 September 24, Anna Kuchment, “Technology: Want to be a Video Star?”, in Newsweek:
      But even if you don't have movie-studio muscle to devote to your monologues, there are still ways to make a splash in the vlogosphere.
    • 2013, Sarah Banet-Weiser, Inna Arzumanova, “Creative Authorship: Self-Actualizing Individuals and the Self-Brand”, in Cynthia Chris, David A. Gerstner, editors, Media Authorship, Routledge, →ISBN, page 162:
      The terrain conquered by these cyberpioneers? The blogopshere (and its videostreaming complement, the vlogosphere).
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