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vug +‎ -y


vuggy (comparative more vuggy, superlative most vuggy)

  1. (geology) Containing vugs.
    • 1962, Thomas A. Steven, James C. Ratté, Geology and Ore Deposits, Summitville District, San Juan Mountains, Colorado (Geological Survey Professional Paper 343), Geological Survey (U.S.) (publisher), page 41,
      Parts of the resistant veins have been strongly leached and consists[sic] of vuggy, porous quartz ; elsewhere compact quartz has replaced most of the constituents in the original rock.
    • 1975, Robin G. C. Bathurst, Carbonate Sediments and Their Diagenesis, page 371,
      The diachronous layers under the lagoons, when traced seaward, become more and more vuggy, as cement is more patchily developed, and eventually pass into separate lumps (Taylor and Illing, 1969).
    • 1976, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Deep Sea Drilling Project, National Ocean Sediment Coring Program, Joint Oceanographic Institutions for Deep Earth Sampling, National Science Foundation (U.S.), Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Initial Report, page 46,
      The basalt consists of a dark greenish-gray, aphyric, vesicular to vuggy altered rock that is diabasic and vesicular near the top, but becomes steadily coarser, more vuggy, and trachitic in texture in the lower part of the unit.