watch +‎ -able


watchable (comparative more watchable, superlative most watchable)

  1. That can be watched.
    • 1999, Mary Taylor Gray, Mary Taylor Young, Herbert Clarke, Watchable Birds of California
  2. That bears watching.
    • 1992, Leslie Halliwell, John Walker, Halliwell's Film Guide
      Interminable hocus pocus with a plethora of talk, seldom exciting but watchable because of its remarkable cast...



watchable (plural watchables)

  1. Something to be watched, or worth watching.
    • 1978, TV Guide
      Telly Savalas, Robert Culp and James Mason are the watchables in 1975's The Golden Heist []
    • 2007, San Diego Magazine (volume 59, number 9, page 132)
      Each January, San Diego Magazine announces its list of San Diegans worth watching — and watching out for — in the coming year with its "People To Watch" cover story. The magazine fetes its 50 watchables with a VIP bash []