Rembrandt wearing a wideawake

Alternative formsEdit


wide +‎ awake


wideawake (plural wideawakes)

  1. A bird, the sooty tern.
  2. (historical) A type of hat with a broad brim made of black or brown felt.
    • 1884, Henry James, "The Author of Beltraffio" in The English Illustrated Magazine 1 (9–10) (June–July 1884).
      "He carried his benevolence to the point of coming to meet me at the little station at which I was to alight, and my heart beat very fast as I saw his handsome face, surmounted with a soft wide-awake, and which I knew by a photograph long since enshrined upon my mantel shelf, scanning the carriage windows as the train rolled up."
    • 1912, Katherine Mansfield, "The Woman At The Store", from "Selected Short Stories"
      Wisps of white hair straggled from under his wideawake []