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From woman +‎ -nap.


womannap (third-person singular simple present womannaps, present participle womannapping, simple past and past participle womannapped)

  1. (transitive) To abduct a woman.
    • 2008, Rudy Thomas, The Smile & Other Poems[1], →ISBN, page 37:
      You sit silent. Do I take you home or do I womannap you? I ask.
    • 2009, Jacob Silvia, Qhoenix[2], →ISBN, page 52:
      They killed many, except for a few important members of the faculty and staff and student body, and they kidnapped Lrig Lanoisnemid-Eno! Well, womannapped.
    • 2011, Lass Small, The Texas Blue Norther[3], →ISBN:
      And he watched her back. She wondered: Had he watched her with the pod and decided since she was alone that he could womannap her? She looked at him more closely. He wasn't bad.