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woolly adelgid



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woolly adelgid (plural woolly adelgids)

  1. Any of various insects of either species Adelges piceae or Adelges tsugae.
    • 1998, Stephen W. Kress, in Bird Gardens (Brooklyn Botanic Garden), page 35
      In some parts of the Northeast, woolly adelgid and aphids are serious pests.
    • 2001, Eric Grissell, Insects and Gardens, Timber Press, page 111
      Negatively, insects unnatural to our gardens, such as the woolly adelgid, may arrive from exotic shores and devastate our hemlocks because there are no native, natural enemies that have coevolved to attack them here.
    • 2006, Stephen M. Meyer, The End of the Wild, MIT Press, page 70
      North America's once abundant Canadian hemlock (Tsuga canadensis) may soon become a relic and then a ghost, owing to the invasion of the woolly adelgid (Adelges tsuga annand).

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