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xeno- +‎ psychology


  • IPA(key): /zɛnəɛθsaɪˈkɑlədʒi/
  • Hyphenation: xe‧no‧psycho‧logy


xenopsychology (uncountable)

  1. (science fiction, rare) The study of alien psychology.
    • 1984, Analog Science Fact, Science Fiction
      Dr. Robert A. Freitas, Jr. XENOPSYCHOLOGY So far we have very little direct knowledge of alien minds — but we have some fascinating bases for speculation.
    • 2000, Diane Duane, ‎Peter Morwood , The Romulan Way: Rihannsu #2
      Specializations in xenopsychology and -psychiatry, and longterm experience as CMO of the Enterprise— thus an acquaintance with what amounted to a gestalt life form, for that defined the multi-racial, multi-species environment aboard the ...
    • 2009, John Ringo, ‎Julie Cochrane, Honor of the Clan
      Galactics were doing little to wrap their minds around xenopsychology as it applied from them to humans. The Tong was already gradually increasing its business transactions directly with various Galactics.
    • 2013, Kate Elliott, The Price of Ransom
      My original area of interest was in xenopsychology, but I had never been able to get even an entrylevel post in either the public or private sphere. Thus, social work. And now, everything changed.